Tibetan Bridge

The Center

Tibetan mountains

With the cooperation of the Chinese government and help from the private sector, the Tibetan Bridge Foundation has acquired land to build and establish a community center that will house roughly accommodate 220 children. The location of the center is in the town of Rabshi, Kham. The development of this center in 2020 will in itself enhance Kham's economic potential by being a symbol of its future and establishing social and educational opportunities for Tibetan children for years to come. The Tibetan Bridge Foundation will facilitate all fundraising efforts, and the organization, management, construction, and educational curriculum development of the center. Plans are being finalized for the initial center facilities with a site plan that will facilitate gradual and steady expansion. The Tibetan Bridge Foundation estimates that the fundraising and construction of the center will take approximately two years from start to finish. The Foundation will also develop a long-term plan to keep the center up and running from an administrative standpoint. By the end of the five-year development plan the center should be in place and the children will be entering into their next phase of building. The ways in which Tibetan Bridge can maintain its annual budget requirements are numerous, many of which will be outlined in the fund raising section of this outline (Section VIII).

The Tibetan Bridge Foundation is currently coordinating with local organizers in Eastern Tibet who have organized a motivated and dedicated group of Tibetan parents. The local organizers and parent group will help implement the development plan. Working in unison with this team, the Tibetan Bridge Foundation will fulfill a portion of its mission as an organization, by creating an educational institution that aims to provide the highest standards of learning possible to its students. A scholarship program will be created and maintained to ensure that Tibetan Bridge can provide an affordable addition to the current public school system.


Tibetan Bridge Center blueprint